The bride’s beauty tips to remove black rim of the eye

The bride when preparing skin care before marriage, also cannot ignore to black rim of the eye.Black rim of the eye can affect the bride makeup whole, occupying the important status in the modelling of the bride.The bride-to-be how should do ability to cancel their black rim of the eye?

The cause of false pouch is very complicated, such as crying eyes, all kinds of local infection, food, drug, or cosmetics allergy, etc all can cause eyelid edema, but above all of these cases, with treatment and the elimination of the cause, the eye edema is fade.

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Due to the increase of age aging of organization of true pouch, any drug and superb make-up skills are hard to make it disappear and mask, and that the bloated eyelid drooping, relaxation, will increasingly obvious with the growth of the age.

Eye bags since it is caused by sleep problems, then go to bag the trick is to find a time first, to make up the sleep, prevent eye bags and then continue to increase, at the same time also want to keep the good sleep habits, in the years to avoid to stay up late.

Another trick is to pouch eliminated by diet way, eat more foods rich in vitamin C and amino acids, such as carrots, beans, because vitamin C can help tighten the skin, relieve eye bags.

Very have temperament bride makeup modelling

Temperament can women more attractive!Temperament is to send out from the inside out, both inside and outside and repair to unique charm!And the bride-to-be, whether you want to do is temperamental bride in the wedding?If you want to show the temperament of unique charm, then from the makeup modelling laid hands on him!
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Inclined shoulder pure white wedding dress and dreamy forest, beautiful bride dish hair wait for ceremony began!Diagonal points of long hair, after gathering in the head, behind don’t be a big flower, pink flowers hanging on the side, showing their shy bud, bloom in the moment, the beautiful and romantic!

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Only beautiful bride with classical waiting for you!Black hair, share button in dish in, plait cross on the top of the head, to create a different beautiful!Black hair with red lips, the most beautiful deep!The bride modelling of jing ya, to quiet, elegant wedding!

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Refreshing and fluorescent color nail bride

Bride before marriage will succeed to do a bride herself mostly, delicate bride nail can light up the bride not only fingertip charm, also can let a person feel the bride’s unique personality.A bride manicures, too, are indicators of grade of the bride, today small make up with everyone together to appreciate the bride manicure set of relaxed and fluorescent color.

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The bride makeup make luster beautiful flesh

Good bottom makeup can let skin sends out a natural luster, not only can build a sense of depth contour, can also help you disguised as a good type of skin.Want to have burnish feeling of skin, bottom makeup has to be thin, transparent enough. Can use makeup brush paint, the fluid foundation can not only the nose and eyes of the blind Angle also apply evenly, pianpian brush head can also apply the fluid foundation to the most frivolous effect…

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The winter charm the bride sootiness makeup

Pure natural makeup feeling, is the bride’s favorite dream, but for many loves fashion avant-garde bride, sootiness makeup is can show female charm more choice.Sootiness makeup in addition to present a more profound features, emphasize as the charm, can add a mysterious sexy temperament, combine feminine taste and fashion sense.Bride sootiness makeup is the secret of “nudges”, convergence generally sootiness makeup too sharp exaggerated feeling, with soft micro smoke, to show the key just good effect.Make the following sootiness makeup your glamour model.

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Nail what are the pictures of 2013 model

Now more and more girls are looking for nail art, they go to parties do nails, each month will be nails in one or two new clothes.But did nail salons template has been done about the same?Corny manicure if you feel tired?

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Black nails has always been a lot of girls preferred colors, because the most classic and joker.Light is black also appear too drab, but it would be better to one of the nails into the diamond lattice, the white background with black, although simple, but let a person shine at the moment.Black and white classical collocation also won’t think the color is too complicated or not mature enough.
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Dark blue color collocation is very brilliant golden stars?With dark brilliant golden color collocation, can neither too grandiose but absolutely distinctive, the thumb and ring fingers were in yellow collocation red radioactive lines, color collision is easy to like.

Thick retro bridal feather headdress

A suitable bride headdress is the nods eyeball pen of overall modelling, and the bride headdress material also is multifarious, various, let prospective brides dazzling don’t know how to choose.Today the most popular bride headdress of feathers, thick headdress feathers agitation restoring ancient ways, foil the bride more noble elegant!

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Don’t miss the bride makeup tips

Don’t miss the bride makeup tips, let you become the focus of the most notable.A beautiful bride makeup modelling will let you become the focus of the wedding is the most notable, so how to make up to make your weaknesses into strengths.This requires that the bride of learning makeup tips, below is for everybody to introduce 10 tips, really let you easily create the perfect moment, hurry up to learn together!

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1. Shoulder also need to wear makeup

If the bride choose h back and strapless dresses, so the shoulder with some bright silver or is pink pearl powder, paint the effect will be especially good oh!In the collar bone cavity with some bronzing powder at that meeting your upper body looks special slim oh!

2. Natural eyebrow

Natural eyebrow is let the bride beautiful one big magic weapon.So to use eyebrow powder to depict, let eyebrow is exquisite, color slightly deep have stereo feeling, if the simple use eyebrow powder brush will be light “swallow”, so to use eyebrow pencil to one, according to the facial makeup, hair color, the color of the clothes to choose the color of the brows.

3. Accessories and makeup look

The makeup and clothing modelling cleverly together, pink lipstick with pink nails, red lipstick with red bracelet, golden eyes with golden earrings, and so on, this combination can let you become more perfect.

4. Look for collocation eye color eye shadow

Really must grasp the eyeshadow and eyeliner do collocation is not a simple matter, if collocation of good can highlight the eyes color, all let beauty from the inside out.So if the eyes are black, brown eye shadow is very suitable for you.Eyes are brown and light brown, brown and golden eye shadow is the most appropriate.The bride, of course, if you want to take the blue lenses, dark brown eye shadow is very good.Green lenses purple eye shadow is best.

Bride-to-be rapid whitening methods is recommended

White is always the bride-to-be premarital skin maintains an important link.Want to shine on the wedding day, how can have no white and moist skin came?If the wedding nearly, want to make every part of the whole body is white and is has the certain difficulty.

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1 neck

Began to consider whether the destruction from a shadow let it appear black, because it is the most easy to corruption, the whole body started to do cycle with resistance to failure of neck mask to take care of, at least twice a week, a month can see significant results.If you are not sure whether corruption, and then use the texture rich neck massage cream, no matter what kind of neck problems, it can have the result.

2 chest

If it is not due to tan, general chest is black, the biggest reason is dry, with pure animal oil massage massage here, will take effect is very fast, if that kind of massage oil with firming results, will let the chest skin type and chest are tightened, outside white curve is also very charming.

If chose a sexy backless wedding dress, there must not be ignored, not laughed at that laughs at himself first.At least before the wedding confrontation with just a month every time when they are in a bath towel gourd, soft bristle isometric clean brush handle carefully clean here.These materials can not only remove dirt, natural fiber also have influence to dirt in pores and the back one little black pores is to make it appear black transgressions.

4 joints

Hinge joints pigment deposition must first chamfer again with whitening products, otherwise it department quite thick cortex, removing cutin product can choose hinge joints containing sugar, sand grain particles such as the product of natural sand grinding.When the wedding day is best with foundation under water body, is the studio picture taken with the old, in addition to can retouching skin and pores, a better role is to draw you back out of the oil, keep it white, pure and fresh.

autumn and winter the bride how to keep fresh vitality of skin care

The turn of the autumn and winter, again want to face an increasingly dry climate change, the bride-to-be will fear for their skin.Dry skin, dark heavy wait for a problem, again good care product daub, absorb bad, at this point the right bride skin care method becomes especially important.

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A small amount of drink enough water for many times

At this moment in time complement dry cells, rather than blindly supplement of excess nutrients.But can’t increase the burden of skin to supplement water.Pay attention to the protection in the day, and a small amount is the key for many times.The evening pay attention to exert the effect of maintain article, accelerate the process of repair.Recommended to use at any time in usual small molecules containing ingredients make up water, such as 5128 meters of the Himalayas small molecular mass of ice water, can the skin moisture balance of deep-sea seaweed essence or affinity with the skin of hyaluronic acid, the moderate effective moisturizing ingredients can relieve skin is unwell, intensive hydrating, restore skin repair function.

When the skin to absorb force drops, appear “anorexia” response, you need to improve the food for the skin, clean up the stomach.You can choose a few light maintain article, such as the quality of a material is flimsy, and absorbing essence of basement, can open after cleansing the skin to absorb channel, make the follow-up maintenance of double.The antioxidant effect of small molecule nightly moisturizing milk is easier than face cream to absorb, when daub after palm massage heating first, then daub on the skin, the warm feeling too, can help improve skin temperature and absorption capacity, can darling eat nutrition skin, won’t have the concerns of the burden.